Sharing well data

Companies on the Norwegian shelf have access to large amounts of well data. The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) helps ensure that as many parties as possible can analyse and process this data.  

Well data encompasses raw data and interpreted data. Raw data is normally available two years after the well is concluded.

Wells in relinquished licences are an exception to this rule, and information about these wells is available upon relinquishment. This also applies to wells where a dispensation from the rule has been granted.

Well information that has been interpreted or processed by parties other than the NPD is accessible 20 years after the information was completed; cf. Regulations to the Petroleum Act, Section 85.

Information about wells is available both in the NPD's FactPages and in the Diskos NDR.

The DISKOS database
Reporting requirements for digital well data show the types of data that are reported for newer wells, including when this data will be released. Not all types of data will be available for all wells.
As regards wells concluded from 1965 to 1993, the NPD has conducted three projects.

  • Quality check of the petrophysical data for the wells in High quality log data. The project was conducted according to HQLD procedures.
  • Quality check of the geophysical data for the wells in High quality geophysical log data. The project was conducted according to HQGL procedures.
  • Quality check of the pressure data for the wells in High quality pressure data. The project was conducted according to HQPD procedures.

The NPD can provide assistance in the copying of older paper logs, core photos, well reports, etc.
Contact CGG or Svein Finnestad in the NPD for more information.


The NPD's FactPages include aggregate overviews of exploration and development wells on the Norwegian shelf. Key attributes are published for most of the wells, both as files for downloading and pages for viewing. More extensive data bases are available for some of the wells.

From the FactPages you can easily export exploration and development wells with pertinent attributes, for example to Microsoft Office Excel.

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