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International data forum meeting at the NPD

18.04.2017 The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate is hosting an international conference on storage and use of petroleum data from 6 to 8 June. There is still time to register for those who are interested.

6000 wells on the Norwegian shelf

04.04.2017 Well number 6000 was registered as completed in the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate's Fact Pages in late March. This was production well 31/2-Y-21 AY2H on the Troll field in the North Sea.

Start-up of the Flyndre field

31.03.2017 The Maersk-operated Flyndre field in the North Sea started production on 26 March.

Good feedback from users

31.03.2017 A user survey taken by public and private players in the petroleum sector shows that the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NDP) enjoys a high level of trust and exercises its role with confidence.

Increasing reserves on Goliat

30.03.2017 Two wells will be drilled from Goliat in the Barents Sea in order to start production from the Snadd formation. This will increase oil reserves on Goliat by 1.2 million standard cubic metres (7.5...

Received two development plans

27.03.2017 The licensees for the Njord field and the nearby Bauge discovery in the Norwegian Sea submitted two PDOs (Plans for development and operation) to the authorities today.

Extending lifetime on Sigyn

23.03.2017 The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate has granted consent for continued use of the subsea facilities on the Sigyn field in the North Sea from the end of 2017 until the end of 2022.

The OilFacts app has been updated with a new map component

27.02.2017 What is the newest version of the app called, so I know my app has been updated?


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