App for all mobile phones

The Norwegian Petroleum Facts app v2 developed by the NPD and the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy is available for iPhones/iPads, Android and WindowsPhone mobiles.

The app v2 is available from Google Play, Windows Phone Store and App Store.

Based on data from the NPD’s online fact pages and maps, the app provides information about fields, production licences, companies, production and active exploration wells on the NCS.

Users can also access news stories from the NPD and the ministry.

The map function shows fields and active exploration wells, all linked to relevant background information. A search function is also provided.

In addition comes an analysis section which allows users to filter and sort data themselves. They can be stored as favourites to simplify later updating. Graphs can also be generated.

Users can chose between English and Norwegian versions. The iOS app has been developed in collaboration with the Applaud company. New apps for Android and Windows Phone has been developed in collaboration with the Capgemini company.

Screen images illustrating the app v1 can be accessed at

An introduction is also available at