Public electronic mail journal (OEP)

According to Section 6 of the (Norwegian) Freedom of Information Act, all government agencies are required to make their mail journals available to the public on the internet. OEP is a joint publishing service for these mail journals, which will be available at all times to anyone with internet access.

In OEP you can search for documents from all government agencies that participate in OEP, and you can request access. Your requests are sent directly to the organisation responsible for the journal entry. Requests you send to the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate will be treated as petitions for access, and you will receive a reply from us.

NPD's documents in OEP

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The public can also contact the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) directly. Please send written orders by post or email to You may also place your order with the Document Centre, telephone +47 51 87 60 00.

If access is requested through direct contact with the NPD, please state in which manner document familiarisation is to be effected. The document can be sent by post or email if the recipient’s address or email address is stated.

The application should also contain a document description. If the case and document numbers are known from a public journal or other source, this must be stated.