North Sea - Cretaceous plays


North Sea - cretaceous plays   Map Map







Group/ Formation:

Cromer Knoll Group with Agat Formation

Shetland Group with Hod, Tor and Ekofisk Formations, Rogaland Group with Vidar Formation.

Shetland Group with Kyrre Formation,  Tryggvason Formation is possible
Age Berriasian? Cenomanian? Santonian(?) – Early Paleocene Cenomanian - Maastrichtian


Sogn Graben

Central part of Central Graben from Albuskjell to Hod

Surrounding parts in Central Graben outside the large chalk fields

Utsira High

Sogn Graben
Reservoir rock Sandstone Chalk Sandstone
Depositional environment Deep marine Open marine, redeposited Deep Marine
Trap Stratigraphic Halokinetic and stratigraphic Mainly statigraphic, structural is a possibility
Source rock Upper Jurassic shale (Draupne and Heather Formations), Lower to Middle Jurassic shale and coal (Ness Formation?) Upper Jurassic (Mandal and Draupne Formations)

Upper Jurassic shale (Draupne- and Heather Formation), Lower to Middel Jurassic shale and coal

Critical factors Distribution of reservoir Reservoir quality Distribution of reservoir and seal

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North Sea - Cretaceous plays