OFD projects - Core countries


Throughout 2009, OfD had long-term cooperation with nine core countries:

Angola, Bolivia, Ghana, Madagascar, Mozambique, Nigeria, Sudan, Timor-Leste and Uganda.

The cooperation with Vietnam was downscaled, as there is now sufficient capacity nationally in Vietnam to manage the sector well with only some limited international assistance.

Assistance to core partner countries involves long-term capacity building and institutional cooperation with relevant governmental agencies, normally within some or all of the areas of resource management, revenue management and environmental management.

The formal criteria for all OfD cooperation are listed below:

  • Cooperation must be demand-driven.
  • The country must be eligible for aid assistance under the OECD/DAC, or other financing must be supplied.
  • Significant petroleum production or potential must be present.
  • Norwegian experience and expertise must be relevant.
  • There must be an identified need for capacity and competence building in public petroleum sector institutions.
  • The country must be committed to implementing programme activities aimed at improving governance of the petroleum sector.

Due to overall capacity constraints, few new countries are likely to qualify as core cooperation countries. In addition to the formal criteria for OfD cooperation, it must be considered likely that civil society (including media) can play a role in holding the government accountable for its petroleum sector management. Plans for implementing the EITI-criteria will be seen as an advantage.