Map services

Overview of our available map services and downloadable geographic datasets.

Note: During the service migration period until 3rd october there might be performed minor changes to services and datasets.


ArcGIS REST API Map Service

OGC compliant services, ISO 19128:2005 (WMS:WFS)



  Description Format
All ESRI filegeodatabase for all datasets. FGDB

    Shape CSV
AFEX Area Fee Exempt, all. One record per AFEX. Only current objects have geometry. Shape CSV
AFEX Area Fee Exempt, all. All periodes. All affected blocks and licences. Shape CSV
Licence Current production licence areas, “active” with overall geometry, “inactive” without geometry.
Overall geometry means a dissolved polygon including both stratigraphical and non- stratigraphical areas.
Shape CSV
Licence Complete area history split by block. “Active” licence areas can be found by querying “dtValTo” = NULL Shape CSV
Licencing APA Updated APA (Awards in predefined areas) gross areas. Shape CSV
Licencing APA APA (Awards in predefined areas) net areas. Shape CSV 
Wellbore Exploration, development and shallow wellbores. Shape CSV
Wellbore Fontfile for presentation. TTF  
BAA Business arrangement areas. Shape CSV
BAA Business arrangement areas. Complete history for each area split by block. Shape CSV
Field Field outlines. Shape CSV
Discovery Discovery outlines - including field outlines. Shape CSV 
Facility Fixed facilities, floating production facilities and main facilities onshore. Shape CSV 
Survey Areas with planned survey after 1.1. 2009. The dataset contains both gross (included turn area for the boat) and net (acquisition area) for seismic, electromagnetic, site and basement surveys. Shape CSV
TUF Main piplelines. The dataset contains not infield pipelines. Shape CSV 
Block All blocks on the Norwegian continental shelf. Shape CSV
Quadrant All quadrants on the Norwegian continental shelf. Shape CSV
Sub area All sub-areas on the Norwegian continental shelf. Shape CSV


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Tel: 51 87 06 00