New functionality on FactPages and Factmaps

02/09/2022 The upgrade will be done Wednesday 7th September, and the pages will be unavailable part of this day.


Page view 
  • Company: A new hyperlink to the fields reserves overview.
  • Surveys: Three new sub menus in "Group by category", "Finished" are included.
  • BAA (Business Arrangement Area): New menu item CO2 licences that will include both CO2 exploitation licences and CO2 exploration licences. 
Table view
New data
  • Wellbore: A new sub menu "CO2 storage". A listing of wells used both for exploration and injection of carbon will be shown here.
  • Wellbore: A new sub menu "Palynological slides". This has been before available only on "Page view". The listing is large, to download data to Excel takes 1-2 minutes.
  • BAA (Business Arrangement Area): "CO2 licences". Listing of the CO2 exploitation licences and C02 exploration licences.
  • TUF (Transport and Utilization Facilities): "TUF overview" gives an overview of terminal, pipelines and onshore plants in the system.  
Change of existing data 
  • Facility: In the sub menu "Fixed", a new attribute "Nation" is added. This has only been available on "Page view" before.
General user interface improvements: 
  • Sticky headers: Headings in table view always stay on first line when scrolling.
  • Sync date is also shown on Mobile version.
  • Direct link to the attribute description in page view, general information – see the icon.
  • More effective rendering of pictures.
  • Better language recognition in different browsers.


  • Updated map, services and downloads. 
    • New group "CO2 licences" under "Licencing". Layers for "EL – Exploitation licence" under "Business Arrangement Area" are removed.
    • New layer under "Wellbores" – "CO2 storage wellbores".
    • New layer under "Licencing"  – "Licence – documents" showing statusreports.
  • For detailed changes see Factmaps – changelog for services.

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Latest news

Drilling permit for well 25/4-15
06/02/2023 The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) has granted Aker BP ASA drilling permit for well 25/4-15, cf. Section 13 of the Resource Management Regulations.
Seabed minerals: Substantial resources on the Norwegian shelf
27/01/2023 The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) has prepared a resource assessment of the seabed minerals on the Norwegian shelf.
Production figures December 2022
20/01/2023 Preliminary production figures for December 2022 show an average daily production of 1 983 000 barrels of oil, NGL and condensate.
Gas discovery near the Aasta Hansteen-field in the Norwegian Sea – 6605/1-2 S and 6605/1-2 A
18/01/2023 Equinor Energi AS, operator of production licence 1128, has concluded the drilling of wildcat well 6605/1-2 S and appraisal well 6605/1-2 A.
Drilling permit for well 15/2-2 S and 15/2-2 A
17/01/2023 The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) has granted OMV (Norge) AS drilling permit for well 15/2-2 S and 15/2-2 A, cf. Section 13 of the Resource Management Regulations.
Changes in the regulations
13/01/2023 The Resource Management Regulations and Regulations relating to documentation in connection with storing CO2 on the shelf have been changed.
Six companies have applied for CO2 storage acreage
11/01/2023 The Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy (MPE) has received applications from six companies in connection with the announcement of an area in the North Sea for potential storage of CO2 on the Norwegian shelf.
Announcement: Acreage for CO2 storage on the Norwegian Continental Shelf
11/01/2023 On 11 of January 2023, the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy announced an area for CO2 storage pursuant to the CO2 Storage Regulations.
APA 2022: 25 companies offered ownership interests
10/01/2023 On 10 January 2023, 25 companies were offered ownership interests in a total of 47 production licences on the Norwegian shelf in the awards in predefined areas (APA) 2022.
Investments for the future on the Shelf
09/01/2023 Only rarely have we seen so much oil and gas produced on the Norwegian shelf as was the case last year – and only rarely have we seen such significant investment decisions.