The Norwegian National Data Repository for Petroleum data

About us

The Diskos National Data Repository (NDR) is Norway's national data repository for petroleum data.

Diskos is a joint venture consisting of the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) and oil companies  on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. NPD coordinates and manages the joint venture.

Diskos was established to develop and operate a database containing relevant petroleum data. The NDR is set up for:

  • Reporting to authorities
  • Sharing and trading of data between licensees
  • Access to public data

Data stored in Diskos as a result of the mandatory reporting requirements according to petroleum legislation, is the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate's archive. This enables the NPD to use Diskos to make the data available to the public and all interested companies when confidentiality periods expire.

Data stored in the NDR are:

In addition, Diskos also has a module for trading well and seismic data:

Diskos organisation map

Diskos organisasjonskart.png

The Steering Group and all work groups in Diskos are organised under the Management Committee where all member companies are represented.

The Management Committee (MC) is the executive level of decision making in the joint venture, where every member company has a vote. Diskos MC meets approx. three times a year.

The Steering Group (SG) consist of six representatives from member companies. NPD is always represented (chairman) together with Equinor as representative from the original participants. In addition four representatives are elected for two years at the time by the Management Committee. The Steering Group must always consist of representatives from all members categories (small, medium, large company).

Diskos Management Team consists of two NPD employees. They administer the Diskos contract on behalf of all member companies and coordinate all activities in the joint venture.


Updated: 21/08/2020