The Norwegian National Data Repository for Petroleum data


The figures below illustrates the Diskos activities and data volumes during the period of the Diskos operations. The quality of the statistics varies over time.

Diskos members and users

Member companies

Active users as per May 2019 – Diskos Well, Seismic and Production Module

Member Group Active users
Oil Company 660
Associated Member 139
NPD user 20
Universities 57
Total number 876

Seismic Data

Seismic data volumes accumulated

Seismic data unload

Total seismic volume and number of datasets

Seismic data types (datasets/volumes) as per April 2019

Data type/Totals Datasets (No./%) Volume (PB/%)
  51 379 7,71
Post-stack 85 % 10%
Pre-stack 5% 70%
Field 1% 19%
Velocity 9% 1%


Well data

Well data volumes accumulated

Number of Processed Well Data Orders
Well-Unload-Data Orders.gif

Number of Processed Files

Well data documents

Well logs and well log curves


Trades and trade requests

Unique visitors - Diskos Trade Module

Active users as per May 2019 – Diskos Trade Modules

User type Active users
Scout user (oil company) 68
Read-only user (oil company) 13
GTO user 5
Total 86


Updated: 27/05/2019