The Norwegian National Data Repository for Petroleum data


The Diskos Trade Database manages trade of seismic and well datasets between companies, groups of companies or licences operating on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

Access to Diskos Trade Database‚Äč

KADME is the database operator for the Diskos Trade Database. Diskos Members can access the solution here. Please note that this link is only available on SOIL or via direct connection.

Users and functionality

While the former Diskos Trade module was used exclusively by Norsk olje og gass, the new system from 2015 provides functionality also to the Scouts in the oil companies. Scouts can browse for data in the Trade Database, including the Seismic and Well data stored in the Diskos databases operated by CGG, select objects of possible interest and create trade proposals. After evaluations and simulations performed by Norsk olje og gass, a trade proposal is finally created and the Scouts of all the license partners involved will be able to vote for the proposal. Also, reports can be generated by each Scout to get for example a summary of all trades they participated in.

‚ÄčNorsk olje og gass

One of the objectives of Norsk olje og gass is to ensure the best possible flow of data between all oil companies on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS) by centralised administration of the data exchange process.

All licenses on NCS shall have a Trade Operator and an Trade Operator Agreement with the chosen Trade Operator.

In addition to administration and execution of trades, purchase and sale of well and seismic data, Norsk olje og gass assists customers by simulating possible trades using the specially designed Trade Module computer application. This is a significant contribution to efficiency in arranging trades, purchase and sale of well and seismic data.

Further-more, Norsk olje og gass can acts as a neutral party to be utilized as a negotiator during the data exchange process.

Norsk olje og gass operates on a non-profit principle. A system for sharing actual costs has been developed and is referred to as the Availability Fee. The Availability Fee covers Norsk olje og gass’ operating costs and is equal for all participating production licenses.

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Updated: 22/12/2020