Norwegian Sea – Supra Palaeocene plays

Group/Formation Age Area Reservoir rock Depositional environment Trap Source rock Critical factors Examples of discoveries Examples exploration wells
nhplei-1 Naust Formation Pleistocene Møre Basin, Møre-Trøndelag Fault Complex, Tampen Spur, Slørebotn Subbasin, Sogn Graben Sand Glaciomarine deposits Stratigraphic and structural Upper Jurassic shale (Draupne Formation), possibly Cretaceous shale, and biogene gas Reservoir quality, gas saturation, producibility, sealing capacity
nheo-1 (unconfirmed) Undifferentiated Eocene Vøring Marginal High, Møre Marginal High, western parts of Møre and Vøring Basins Fractured volcanic and volcanoclastic rocks Arial exposure or marine Tectonic fracture zones Possibly Cretaceous shales Reservoir, source, retention