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05/07/2004 Press release no. 13/2004: Norsk Hydro Produksjon AS as the operator for production license 272, block 30/11, has completed the drilling of wildcat well 30/11-6. The well was located about 135 km from the Norwegian coast, just south of the city of Bergen. The water depth at the location is 103 meters.

The well was drilled to evaluate a sand prospect of Jurassic age called "Brontes". The well was completed in rocks in the Dunlin formation, 3350 meters below sea level. Hydrocarbon traces were encountered at the expected reservoir level. Attempts to sample the hydrocarbons proved that they were non-producible. The well was not tested.

Well 30/11-6 was drilled using the DeepSea Delta drilling rig. Drilling ceased July 2nd. Total drilling time was 30 days. The rig will continue to operate for Norsk Hydro.

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