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25/07/2006 Press release 23/2006: Statoil, operator of production licence 322, has completed drilling of exploration well 6403/6-1.

This was the first exploration well in production licence 322, which covers blocks 6403/ -5, -6 and 9.  The licence was awarded in the 18th round in 2004.

The well's target was a sandstone prospect called "Edvarda" from the Cretaceous Age.  The prospect was situated just west of the 6405/7-1-Ellida oil discovery, and northwest of the Ormen Lange field, i.e. in the southern part of the Norwegian Sea, about 230 km northwest of Kristiansund.  Exploration well 6403/6-1 was drilled to a total depth of 4095 meters into Cretaceous rocks.  The well was dry and has now been plugged and abandoned.

The drilling activity was carried out by the drilling vessel Eirik Raude.  Chevron has now taken over this rig for drilling off the coast of Canada.

Licensees in production licence 322:
Statoil ASA (operator)  - 90 per cent
AS Norske Shell  - 10 per cent



For more information, please contact Bente Nyland at +47 51876282.


Updated: 12/01/2010