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7227/11-1 S and 1 A

22/03/2006 Press release 9/2006: Statoil ASA has, as operator of production license 202, finished drilling exploration well 7227/11-1. During the operation, two wellbores were drilled, 7227/11-1 S and 7227/11-1 A.

The objective of the well was to explore the oil and gas potential in late Triassic sandstone in a prospect called "Uranus". The prospect lies in the North Cape basin, 25 kilometres from a minor oil and gas discovery, 7228/7-, made in 2001.

7227/11-1 S was drilled to a total depth of 2590 metres (2269 metres below sea level). 7227/11-1 A was drilled to a total depth of  3446 metres (3172 metres below sea level) in early Permian rock.

There were indications of hydrocarbons in the well, but not in combination with effective reservoir rock. The well was drilled in a geologically complex area, which poses major challenges in achieving correct imagery of the subsurface using seismic data. The expected reservoir rock was not found in the well, but is assumed present in the area. The information from the well will be used in further exploration of the area.

Well 7227/11-1 was drilled with the mobile facility Eirik Raude in 236 metres of water, approx. 125 kilometres north-east of Nordkapp. The operation was conducted without accidental discharges and according to the zero discharge principle for the Barents Sea. Eirik Raude will be moved to the Norwegian Sea to drill well 6403/6-1 in production license 322.

The licensees in production license 202 are:
Statoil ASA (operator) 70%
Norsk Hydro Produksjon AS 30%

Contact in the NPD:
Johannes Kjøde, tel +47 51 87 65 85


Updated: 04/09/2009