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05/01/2006 Press release no. 1/2006:   As operator of production licence 229, Eni Norge has completed the drilling of exploration well 7122/7-3 on the Goliat Sør structure. The production licence is located about 85 km northwest of Hammerfest and about 50 km southeast of the Snøhvit field.

The drilling activity was carried out with the drilling facility Eirik Raude at a sea depth of 343 metres. Exploration well 7122/7-3 was drilled to a total depth of 2701 metres below sea level and ended in Permian chalk rocks.

Hydrocarbons were proven in three different levels of Triassic sandstone, and oil and gas was found in the main reservoir in the late Triassic Realgrunnen subgroup.  In addition, oil was proven in the Snadd formation of the same Age, as well as an oil column in the Kobbe formation, from the Middle Triassic Age.

The discovery in the deeper formations is seen as highly positive, because it proves a previously unconfirmed petroleum potential in this part of the Hammerfest basin.  The discovery might be of great significance for future exploration of adjacent areas of the Barents Sea.

The well was not production tested, but extensive logging and core sampling have been carried out for further evaluation.  More drilling is planned in the production licence during 2006.

Statoil will take over the drilling facility Eirik Raude, and is going to drill exploration well 7227/11-1 S on the Uranus structure in production licence 202.

The licensees in production licence 229 are:

Eni Norge (operator) 65 %
Statoil 20 %
DNO 15 %

Contact in the NPD:
Eldbjørg Vaage Melberg, tel. + 47 51 87 61 00

Updated: 12/01/2010