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1/3-11 and 1/3-11 T2

20/08/2008 Press release 43/2008: DONG E&P Norge, operator of production licence 274, has completed drilling of wildcat well 1/3-11 and sidetrack 1/3-11 T2.The wells are located 10 kilometres south of the discovery 1/3-6 (“Oselvar”) in the southern part of the North Sea.

The purpose of the well was to prove petroleum in a prospect called “Ipswich” in reservoir rocks of Paleocene Age.

The well proved an oil column of at least 60 metres with reservoir properties comparable to the reservoir rocks in the “Oselvar” discovery. The well was not tested, but the discovery in the main well was further explored by a sidetrack well where coring, pressure measurement and liquid sampling were carried out. Further investigations are necessary to determine if the discovery is commercial.

The well is the third exploration well to be drilled in production licence 274. The licence was awarded in the North Sea Awards 2001(NSA2001).

The main well was drilled to a vertical depth of 3232 metres and the sidetrack to 3465 metres subsea, and both were terminated in rocks of early Paleocene age.

The water depth was 72 metres. The wells will be permanently plugged and abandoned. The wells 1/3-11 and 1/3-11 T2 were drilled by the Mærsk Guardian facility which will move to production licence 289 to drill  wildcat well 3/7-7 for DONG E&P Norge AS.

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