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2/5-14 S

02/04/2009 Lundin Norway AS, operator of production licence 006 C, has concluded the drilling of wildcat well 2/5-14 S. The dry well is located just west of the 2/5-3 Sørøst Tor oil discovery in the North Sea.

The purpose of the well was to prove petroleum in Upper Cretaceous chalk reservoirs. Residual/non-mobile oil was encountered in the well, in reservoir rock of medium thickness and poor reservoir quality.

Sandstone was also encountered with interesting Paleocene reservoir development, but only traces of petroleum were proven here. Additional surveys will be performed.

A planned sidetrack, 2/5 14 A, which was to delineate the 2/5-3 Sørøst Tor discovery, will no longer be drilled.

The well was drilled to a vertical depth of 3464 metres below the sea surface and concluded in Late Cretaceous rock. The well will now be plugged and abandoned.

Well 2/5-14 S was drilled by the Mærsk Gallant drilling facility at a depth of 67 metres.

The drilling facility will now be moved Esbjerg for maintenance before it will will drill well 8/10-3 for operator ConocoPhillips in production licence 331.

Licensees in production licence 006 C



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Updated: 04/09/2009