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25/8-17 and 25/8-17 A

12/11/2009 ExxonMobil Exploration & Production Norway AS (ExxonMobil), operator of production licence 027 D, is in the process of concluding the drilling of wildcat well 25/8-17 and appraisal well 25/8-17 A.

Det norske oljeselskap ASA (Det norske) conducted the drilling activity on behalf of ExxonMobil. The wells are about four km south of the Jotun field in the North Sea. 

The primary exploration target for the wells was to prove and delineate petroleum in Paleocene reservoir rocks. A small oil column was encountered in the Upper Paleocene (the Heimdal formation) in wildcat well 25/8-17, and the discovery was delineated by well 25/8-17 A.

The reservoir rock was considerably thinner than expected. Limited volumes of oil were proven, but the discovery is not by itself considered interesting for development under the current price assumptions.
None of the wells were formation-tested, but data acquisition and sampling have been carried out. These are the third and fourth exploration wells in production licence 027 D. 25/8-17 was drilled to a vertical depth of 2208 metres below the sea surface and was terminated in the Ty formation in the Lower Paleocene. 25/8-17 A was drilled to a vertical depth of 2154 metres and was terminated in the Heimdal formation in the Upper Paleocene. The water depth is 127 metres. The wells will now be permanently plugged and abandoned.
The wells were drilled by the Bredford Dolphin drilling facility in a cost-sharing operation between production licences 027 D, 169 C and 504. The drilling facility will now proceed to production licence 408 in the North Sea to drill wildcat well 15/9-23 where Det norske oljeselskap ASA is the operator.

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