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35/6-2 S

31/03/2009 Press release 18/2009  StatoilHydro Petroleum AS has concluded the drilling of wildcat well 35/6-2 S. The dry well is located 18 kilometres north of the Gjøa field in the North Sea and 60 kilometres west of Florø.

The purpose of the well was to prove petroleum in Upper and Lower Cretaceous sandstone.  Drilling proved sandstone of little thickness and good reservoir quality in the Upper Cretaceous, and sandstone of considerable thickness but with poor to moderate reservoir quality in the Lower Cretaceous. 

The well is the first exploration well in production license 376. Well 35/6-1 S was abandoned due to technical problems after drilling to 600 metres depth. Drilling was immediately restarted at well 36/6-2 S.

The license was granted in APA 2005 (APA = Awards in predefined areas).  

The well was drilled to a vertical depth of 3561 metres below the sea surface, and was concluded in rocks presumably from the Early Cretaceous. The well will now be permanently plugged and abandoned. 

Well 35/6-2 S was drilled by the Ocean Vanguard at a water depth of 344 metres. The drilling facility will be relocated to production licence 312 in the Norwegian Sea to drill wildcat well 6407/6-7 S where StatoilHydro Petroleum AS is the operator.

The licensees in production licence 376




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