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17/09/2009 Total E&P Norge AS, operator of production licence 211 B, has concluded the drilling of appraisal well 6506/9-1 in the gas discovery 6506/6-1 ("Victoria").

The discovery was proven in 2000 in Lower to Middle Jurassic reservoir rocks, and is located about 22 kilometres northwest of the Heidrun field. The size of the gas discovery before the drilling of the appraisal well was estimated at 89 billion standard cubic metres (Sm3) of recoverable gas.

The objective of well 6506/9-1 was to delineate discovery 6506/6-1. The well encountered gas in Lower to Middle Jurassic reservoir rocks (the Tilje and Ile formations) and a more accurate delineation of the discovery was carried out under challenging reservoir conditions with high pressure and high temperature.

The well confirms that 6506/6-1 Victoria is a complex discovery. There is therefore substantial uncertainty related to the size of the discovery, and preliminary estimates indicate that the discovery may contain somewhere between 20 –  60 billion standard cubic metres (Sm3) of recoverable gas. Thorough reviews of the collected data are necessary to achieve better understanding of the resource potential. The results from these reviews will form the basis for the further activity in production licences 211 and 211 B.

Comprehensive data collection and sampling has taken place. The data collection includes about 230 metres of core material. A successful formation test has been carried out. The maximum production rate was 180 000 Sm3 of gas every 24 hours of flow through a 16/64-inch nozzle. The gas contains almost 90 per cent methane and 10 per cent carbon dioxide.

This is the first exploration well in production licence 211 B. The license was awarded on 16 February 2007 (APA 2006) as additional acreage to production licence 211 (awarded in the 15th licensing round). The appraisal well was drilled to a vertical depth of 5664 metres below sea level, and was terminated in the Åre formation in Lower Jurassic rocks. Water depth at the site is 416 metres. The well has been plugged and abandoned.

The well was drilled by the semi-submersible drilling facility West Phoenix, which will proceed to production licence 043 in the North Sea to drill a development well with exploration target 30/4-D-1 AH where Total E&P Norge is the operator.

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