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16/1-15 and 16/1-15 A

19/05/2011 Lundin Norway AS, operator of production licence 338, has completed drilling of wildcat well 16/1-15 and appraisal well 16/1-15 A.

The wildcat well was drilled approx. two kilometres north of the 16/1-8 (Luno) oil discovery, while the appraisal well was drilled half a kilometre southwest of the wildcat well.

The objective of well 16/1-15 was to prove petroleum in Cretaceous to Triassic reservoir rocks in a separate fault segment north of the 16/1-8 (Luno) oil discovery. The objective of well 16/1-15 A was to delineate the 16/1-15 oil discovery. The wells proved an oil column of 45-50 metres in thin calcareous sandstone in the Lower Cretaceous and in weathered and porous bedrock directly below the sandstone. The oil/water contact is at the same depth as the 16/1-8 discovery. The sandstone in the Lower Cretaceous is three metres thick in 16/1-15 and somewhat thinner in 16/1-15 A. In 16/1-15 the bedrock is cracked and porous, while it has considerably worse reservoir properties in 16/1-15 A.

Extensive data acquisition and sampling has been carried out in both wells. Two successful formation tests have been implemented in 16/1-15. The first test yielded a maximum production rate of 105 standard cubic metres (Sm3) of oil per flow day through a 40/64-inch nozzle opening over a 34-metre interval in cracked and porous bedrock. This is the first successful full-scale production test of a reservoir that consists of cracked and porous bedrock on the Norwegian continental shelf. The other test gave a maximum production rate of 620 Sm3 of oil per flow day through a 40/64-inch nozzle opening in a three-metre zone in Lower Cretaceous sandstone. This test showed good flow properties and very good pressure support.

Preliminary estimates of the size of the discovery are between two and eight million Sm3 recoverable oil. The oil/gas ratio is 110 Sm3/ Sm3. The discovery is a northern extension of the 16/1-8 (Luno) oil discovery, and the licensees in production licence 338 will include these additional resources in the development plans for 16/1-8.

These are the sixth and seventh exploration wells in production licence 338. The licence was awarded in APA 2004. 16/1-15 and 16/1-15 A were drilled to vertical depths of 2125 and 1986 metres, respectively, below the sea surface, and both were terminated in bedrock. Both wells have been permanently plugged and abandoned. The water depth is 111 metres.

The wells were drilled by the Bredford Dolphin drilling facility, which will now drill wildcat well 16/3-4 in production licence 501, where Lundin Norway AS is the operator.


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Updated: 08/06/2011