16/2-17 S og 16/2-17 B

13/06/2013 Statoil Petroleum AS, operator of production licence 265, is about to complete drilling of appraisal wells 16/2-17 S and 16/2-17 B on the 16/2-6 Johan Sverdrup oil discovery.

The discovery was proven in the autumn of 2010 in Jurassic reservoir rocks in licence 501. The wells 16/2-17 S and 16/2-17 B were drilled 1.5 kilometres southwest of well 16/2-8 and 2.4 kilometres west of well 16/2-11.

The objective of appraisal well 16/2-17 S was to investigate the reservoir properties and thickness, as well as the oil column in the reservoir zones in the Jurassic in a position near the western main fault that delimits Johan Sverdrup. The well encountered a gross oil column of 82 metres, with very good reservoir quality in the top 39 metres, and moderate quality with quite a few shale intervals in the lower 30 metres. The oil/water contact was encountered at the same depth as in the neighbouring wells.

Extensive data acquisition and sampling have been carried out. Two formation tests were completed. The first test showed a maximum rate of 420 standard cubic metres (Sm3) of oil per flow day through a 40/64 inch nozzle opening from a 7-metre sandstone interval in the Lower Jurassic.

The second test showed a maximum rate of 940 standard cubic metres (Sm3) of oil per flow day through a 48/64 inch nozzle opening from a 39-metre thick sandstone interval in the Upper Jurassic. Both tests indicate a reservoir with an extensive lateral spread. Pressure data indicates that the two reservoir zones are in communication.

The primary exploration target for well 16/2-17 B was to encounter possible Jurassic reservoir rocks in the basement high (Utsira High) and test possible reservoir properties in the actual basement. The well was drilled as a sidetrack with a drilling target about 800 metres west-southwest of well 16/2-17 S. The well did not encounter Jurassic reservoir rocks. The secondary target was to investigate the petroleum potential in weathered/fractured basement. Core drilling was carried out in the top 15 metres of the basement, which showed two zones near the top with moderate to good traces of oil in partially weathered and fractured granite. Both zones were tested (mini DST), but were dense.

These are the 11th and 12th exploration wells in production licence 265. The licence was awarded in the North Sea Awards in 2000.

Appraisal wells 16/2-17 S and 16/2-17 B were drilled in Triassic rocks and basement, respectively, with vertical depths of 2017 and 1915 metres. The wells will be permanently plugged and abandoned. Water depth is 111 metres.

The wells were drilled by the Ocean Vanguard drilling facility, which will now proceed to a shipyard before drilling wildcat well 16/2-18 in production licence 265, where Statoil Petroleum AS is the operator.


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Updated: 13/06/2013