06/09/2013 OMV (Norge) AS, operator of production licence 537, is in the process of completing drilling of wildcat well 7324/8-1. The well proved oil.

The discovery was made about 170 kilometres northeast of 7220/8-1 Johan Castberg and about 310 kilometres north of Hammerfest.

The objective of the well was to prove petroleum in Middle and Early Jurassic reservoir rocks (upper Realgrunnen subgroup). The well encountered a 50-60-metre oil column in the Realgrunnen subgroup with reservoir properties as expected.

Preliminary calculations estimate the size of the discovery at between 10-26 million standard cubic metres (Sm3) of recoverable oil. The results confirm oil in the play from the Early and Middle Jurassic Age. The well was not formation-tested, but extensive data acquisition and sampling were carried out. Further delineation of the discovery will be considered.

This is the first exploration well drilled in production licence 537, which was awarded in the 20th licencing round in 2009.

The well was drilled to a vertical depth of 905 metres below the sea surface and terminated in the Snadd formation from the Late Triassic. Water depth is 373 metres. The well will now be permanently plugged and abandoned.

Well 7324/8-1 was drilled by the Leiv Eriksson drilling facility, which will proceed on to drill wildcat well 7324/7-1 on another prospect in the same production licence.

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Updated: 06/09/2013