16/2-19 and 16/2-19 A

02/05/2014 Statoil Petroleum AS, operator of production licence 265, is currently completing the drilling of appraisal wells 16/2-19 and 16/2-19 A on the 16/2-6 Johan Sverdrup oil discovery in the central part of the North Sea.

The discovery was proven in production licence 501 in the summer of 2010. Appraisal wells 16/2-19 and 16/2-19 A were drilled 2.1 kilometres north of well 16/2-12 in the northwestern part of Johan Sverdrup.

The objective of well 16/2-19 was to investigate the extent, thickness and properties of Jurassic and Upper Triassic reservoir rocks, as well as the oil/water contact in the Geitungen segment on Johan Sverdrup. The well encountered a six-metre oil column in assumed Lower Jurassic to Upper Triassic sandstone with good reservoir properties. Twelve metres of silty sandstone without reservoir qualities were also encountered. Oil/water contact came in about as expected.

The objective of well 16/2-19 A was to investigate Upper Jurassic reservoir rocks and reduce the uncertainty of the resource estimate for this segment by placing the well higher in the structure, 1 kilometre southwest of well 16/2-19. The well encountered a 13-metre gross oil column in Upper Jurassic reservoir rocks, three metres of which were in sandstone with very good reservoir quality. The oil/water contact was not encountered.

Comprehensive data acquisition and sampling have been carried out. Multiple small-scale formation tests were carried out and the best, carried out in Upper Jurassic sandstone in 16/2-19 A, showed good flow properties. Both wells contained mobile oil in assumed Lower Triassic/Permian carbonate rocks with poor flow properties. The results from the wells will be incorporated in the work with the Johan Sverdrup field development.

These are the 14th and 15th exploration wells in production licence 265, and the 10th and 11th drilled on or close to Johan Sverdrup in licence 265. The licence was awarded in 2001 (NSA 2000).

Wells 16/2-19 and 16/2-19 A were drilled to vertical depths of 2024 and 1971 metres, respectively, below the sea surface, the latter with a measured depth of 2348 metres. Both wells were terminated in bedrock.

Water depth at the site is 116 metres. The wells will be permanently plugged and abandoned.

The wells were drilled by the Ocean Vanguard drilling facility, which will now drill well 16/2-U-7 in the same production licence, where Statoil Petroleum AS is the operator.

Contact in the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate
Eldbjørg Vaage Melberg, tel. +47 51 87 61 00 


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Updated: 02/05/2014