7220/11-2 and 7220/11-2 A

12/06/2015 Lundin Norway AS, operator of production licence 609, has completed drilling of appraisal wells 7220/11-2 and 7220/11-2 A on the 7220/11-1 (Alta) oil and gas discovery.

The wells were drilled about six kilometres southwest of the 7220/11-1 discovery well and about 190 km northwest of Hammerfest.

The discovery was proven in carbonate rocks in the Gipsdalen Group in October 2014. Before wells 7220/11-2 and 7220/11-2 A were drilled, the operator’s resource estimate for the discovery was between 14 and 50 million Sm3 of recoverable oil and between 5 and 17 billion Sm3 of recoverable gas.

The objective of the wells was to delineate the 7220/11-1 discovery and also investigate the extent of the reservoir and hydrocarbon columns. Well 7220/11-2 encountered a 50-metre gas column in reservoir rocks with good to poor reservoir quality. The oil zone is in tight rocks and a decision was therefore made to drill a sidetrack, 7220/11-2 A, about 330 metres to the west. Well 7220/11-2 A encountered gas and oil in reservoir rocks with good to poor reservoir quality. The age of the reservoir rocks is uncertain, but is assumed to be Triassic and/or Permian. A new resource estimate will be made after the next appraisal well.

Extensive data acquisition and sampling were carried out. A formation test was conducted in well 7220/11-2 A. The production rate was 136 Sm3 oil and 18 500 Sm3 gas, respectively, per flow day through a 24/64-inch nozzle opening. The test shows increased permeability west of the well.

These are the second and third exploration wells in production licence 609. The permit was awarded in the 21st licensing round in 2011.

Appraisal wells 7220/11-2 and 7220/11-2 A were drilled to vertical depths of 2020 and 2041 metres below the sea surface, respectively, and were terminated in basement rocks. Water depth is 379 metres. The wells will be plugged and abandoned.

The wells were drilled by the Island Innovator drilling facility, which will now drill appraisal well 7220/11-3 on the same discovery and in the same production licence.


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