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FactPages and FactMaps - technical information

  • Upgrade of FactPages and FactMaps

    06/06/2019 Starting today, we are switching to a new, upgraded version of our FactPages and FactMaps. There will be a three-month transition period, after which the old pages will no longer be available.

  • Challenges when using FactPages and FactMaps

    30/04/2019 Some problems are currently being experienced when using FactPages and FactMaps.

  • Information about launch of new www.npd.no

    11/03/2019 Launch of new www.npd.no and and how this temporarily affects the FactPages and FactMaps.

  • FactMap service – phaseout

    10/10/2017 NPD's old FactMap WMS/WFS will be terminated October 24th 2017. New FactMaps WMS/WFS have been rolled out.

  • Wellbores with status «will never be drilled»

    25/07/2017 Wellbores with status «will never be drilled» will soon be visible in the category “not entered.”

  • FactMaps – New Map Theme

    29/06/2017 NPDs FactMaps are now supplemented with Overview Maps from the Norwegian Mapping Authority’s Web Map Service on Nautical Charts, that is the 300 and 500 series.

  • Mini upgrade of FactPages – autumn 2016

    24/11/2016 A few additions are done in the upgrade deployed today. However, there are no changes breaking backwards compatibility on the existing table-views downloading data in CSV or XML.

  • FactPages - maintenance

    22/11/2016 Maintenance of NPDs FactPages will be done Thursday 24th of November. The pages  might be  unstable or unavailable from 15.00 this day and potential rest of the day.

  • FactMaps - maintenance

    09/11/2016 Maintenance of NPDs FactMaps and FactMaps-server Thursday 10th of November might lead to unstable or unavailable FactMaps clients and/or services.

  • New attribute for wellbores

    26/10/2016 Data for the attribute “Kick-Off Point” is now available at “wellbore, table view, exploration or development and all-long list.”

  • News on NPDs FactMaps

    24/10/2016 A new version of our FactMaps standard viewer, version 2.1, has been available through our FactPages since May.

  • Factpages release 2016 is now ready

    02/05/2016 Factpages release 2016 is now ready for use. Take a look at the introduction video.

  • Work with 2016 upgrade of Factpages

    25/04/2016 Because of the upgrade that was announced on April 4, the regularity of the Factpages will not be guaranteed after Thursday, April 28 at 16.00.

  • An 2016 upgrade of NPD's FactPages

    04/04/2016 Based on internal requirements and external requests a new upgrade will be available 2nd of May 2016.

  • News about NPDs FactMaps

    18/01/2016 NPD will shortly release new versions of our FactMaps viewers. Both the standard viewer (HTML5) and the advanced viewer (Silverlight) will be launched as version 2.1, and version 2.0 will until further noticed also be supported.

  • News about NPD maps and map services

    23/01/2015 The new FactMaps has been available since June 2014. Here is an update on future development of the FactMaps and related map services.

  • Upgrade of Factpages have been performed

    02/12/2014 The December upgrade of Factpages announced 21st November, was set into production last night. The changes have been as few as possible, not to interfere with existing users that are downloading and browsing data.

  • An upgrade of Factpages December 2014

    21/11/2014 An upgrade of Factpages will be set in production 1st. December. The website can be unavailable from 15 to 21 that day. The upgrade is based on feedback from users inside and outside the NPD.

  • New and improved FactMaps and FactPages

    19/06/2014 Today, 19 June, the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) is launching a new version of FactMaps and upgraded FactPages.

  • Preliminary release notes

    16/05/2014 A major upgrade of the Factpages will take place 18.06.2014 between 15:00-21:00.

  • New FactMaps in beta version

    05/05/2014 NPD will launch a brand new FactMaps solution together with the major FactPages upgrade June 18th. The FactMaps are now ready to be tested in beta version.

  • 2014 upgrade of Factpages and new version of FactMaps

    23/04/2014 A major upgrade of the Factpages will be done June 15th between the hours of 15–21. The upgrade will consist of new data requested by the users, some changes of data, and some bug fixes.

  • Moveable facilities in the FactPages

    24/06/2013 1st September the moveable facilities with function="Support" or blank will be deleted from the FactPages. This dataset is currently incomplete because all vessels are not included.

  • Major upgrade of the FactPages

    05/02/2013 The Petroleum register was last week included in the FactPages. This is the major new function together with a new search tool in the right upper corner.

  • The Petroleum register to be included in the FactPages

    24/01/2013 The FactPages are scheduled to be upgraded on Tuesday 29 January 2013, and the FactPages can at times be out of service after 15:00.

  • FactPages upgraded with more seismic data

    21/11/2012 Today more information on the seismic tab has been included. Complete list of all acquisition surveys since 1965, acquisitions currently pending and acquisitions cancelled.

  • FactPages have been upgraded

    22/05/2012 The FactPages have been upgraded with a new "Last date updated concept", new reports, new attributes and a tag name correction.

  • FactPages to be upgraded

    18/05/2012 The FactPages are scheduled to be upgraded on Tuesday 22 May. As a result, the pages can at times be out of service between 16:00 and 23:00 hours.

  • A new version of the FactPages

    27/04/2012 A new version of the FactPages are due in June 2012. This version will include new functionality, indicating which data have been recently changed. Additionally new data will be available.