FactPages have been upgraded

22/05/2012 The FactPages have been upgraded with a new "Last date updated concept", new reports, new attributes and a tag name correction.

To ensure backward compatibility for table view reports, the following principles have been applied whenever possible:

  • No attributes removed
  • No tag name changed (included in CSV and XML export)
  • No URLs changed (when displaying properties for "Download/Export" menu items).

The upgrade comprises:

  1. Last date updated
    This new concept has been added for Wellbore, Licence, BAA, Field, Discovery and Facility. Two new attributes "Date main level updated" and "Date all updated" have been introduced.

    These two attributes will start being updated from 23.5.2012. Changes before this date will not be displayed (blank).

    See "Attributes" for more information.

  2. New reports
    a) Licence - Table view - Work obligations
    b) Field -Table view - Investments
    c) Field - Table view - Description
    d) Wellbore - Table view - With - Documents
    e) Wellbore - Table view - With - Core photos

  3. New attributes
    a) BAA - Table view - Licencees: Tag baaNpdidBsnsArrArea
    b) Licence - Table view - Overview: Tag prlPhaseCurrent
    c) Field - Table view - Reserves: Tag fldRecoverableOE and tag fldRemainingOE 

  4. Change
    Discovery - Table view - Overview: Tag cmpLongName2 changed to cmpLongName
    Stratigraphy - Table view - Wellbores : IsuName3 changed to IsuName, IsuLevel6 changed to isuLevel

Updated: 20/03/2019