FactPages upgraded with more seismic data

21/11/2012 Today more information on the seismic tab has been included. Complete list of all acquisition surveys since 1965, acquisitions currently pending and acquisitions cancelled.

For more information about the data included, see FactPages - seismic.

  1. New reports
    a) "Seismic" – "Table view" – "Pending"
    b) "Seismic" – "Table view" – "Cancelled"

  2. New attributes
    "BAA" – "Table view" – "Licensees". New attribute "NPDID company", has tag name "cmpNpdidCompany".

  3. Change of attributes
    No attributes have changed tag or heading in this upgrade.

  4. Early warning - attributes that will be changed in next version
    Next upgrade of FactPages is planned late January 2013, including Petroleum register. Exact date will be given at least a week in advance.

    "Company" – "Table view" – "All", attribute "Group" (tag name "cmpGroup") will be set "NA" (not applicable). This is due to lack of quality on this attribute. This attribute should be deleted from imports routines that are downloading data from FactPages, and will later (not before 1.10.2013) be deleted from FactPages.

    "Seismic" – "Overview", attribute "NPDID for survey" (tag name "seaNpdidSurvey2"). The tag name will be corrected to "seaNpdidSurvey" according to the description in "Attributes".

Updated: 20/03/2019