An upgrade of Factpages December 2014

21/11/2014 An upgrade of Factpages will be set in production 1st. December. The website can be unavailable from 15 to 21 that day. The upgrade is based on feedback from users inside and outside the NPD.

Please continue to use to give your comments or report error either on data or on the system.

For those who are downloading data from the Factpages

NPD prioritize to keep the "Table view" part of the FactPages as backward compatible as possible. For those of you who are downloading data using XML or CSV:

  1. Four tag names in "Company" have been deleted (see below for more details)
  2. No existing tags have changed names.
  3. No existing reports (URL's to the report server) have changed name or have been deleted, but some reports have more attributes.

Changes and additions


  • In "Wellbore"  - > "Page view" -> "Other" a new menu item called "All" has been added. "All" lists all wellbores that are not "Exploration" or "Development".
  • Two previous bugs that occurred when using the "File geodatabase" (see shortcut for geographical datasets in Factpages) have been corrected. The URL and type attributes are now correct.


  • Two new attributes have been included for a Survey: "Midpoint" and "Vessel".  See the attribute descriptions for more details. These two attributes are included in all "Table" reports except "Coordinates" and "Last update".
  • In the release 19.6.2014, the menu entry "Category" was introduced. This is stating whether seismic, electromagnetic or other tool is used. "Category" is now added as a new attribute to the following "Table" reports: "Overview", "Pending", "Planned", "Ongoing", "Pause" and "Cancelled". See attribute description for "Survey" for more details.


  • In "Page view" it is now possible to see the mortgages from the Petroleum register together with other information about the license.
  • In "Page view" a new layout of licence obligations has been been added.
  • In "Table view" -> "Work obligations" a new attribute, "Category", is introduced.


  • Nation code is added as a new attribute in all menus in "Page view" and "Table view" -> "All". See attribute description for "Company" for more details.
  • Four tag names has been deleted from the "Company" -> "Table view" -> "Reserves" ; "cmpInplaceOil", "cmpInplaceAssLiquid", "cmpInplaceAssGas" and "cmpInplaceFreeGas".
  • New menu item "Company" -> "Table view" -> "In Place volumes" showing the in place volumes for the company.

Updated: 20/03/2019