Preliminary release notes

16/05/2014 A major upgrade of the Factpages will take place 18.06.2014 between 15:00-21:00.

These release notes are intended to give a summary of the most visible changes that have been introduced.

For users having systems for automatic exporting from FactPages Table view, see 'Changes/deletions to Table view' at the end of these notes. All attributes that will be deleted or have changed tagname are listed here. New attributes in existing table views or new table views are not listed.


Changes to the User interface


  • The layout when exporting  to PDF from 'Page view' is improved.
  • Export to different formats (PDF, Excel, XML, CSV) is easier available from the menu in both 'Page view' and 'Table view'
  • Integration with the new version of FactMaps. Use the 'Map' option when working in 'Page view'. 


Changes and additions


'Seismic' is now called ‘Survey’

  • The main tab 'Seismic' has been changed to 'Survey'. This is done because much of the activities that where listed here were not only seismic, but also electromagnetic and other surveys where seismic sources are not used. A new sorting by category is introduced to better differ between the different surveys. This lies under  'Survey' -> 'Page view' -> 'Group by category'.
  • In 'Survey' – 'Table view' -> 'Group by category' the different surveys category are listed.

Other wellbores

  • The term 'Shallow wellbores' has been changed to 'Other wellbores'.

  • 'Other wellbores' include all wellbores except exploration and development.

  • 'Other wellbores' is divided into 'SOIL DRILLING', 'SHALLOW GAS', 'PILOT' and 'SCIENTIFIC'.

  • 'Other wellbores' is available from both 'Page view' and 'Table view'.

  • See the attribute descriptions in 'Wellbore' -> 'Purpose' for more information.

Status attribute for development wellbores

  • This attribute has been reintroduced. The attribute is maintained using the Daily Drilling Report as the main source. See the attribute descriptions in 'Wellbore' -> 'Status' for more information.

In place volumes for field

  • Under 'Field' you will now find 'In place volumes'. This is available both in 'Page view' and in 'Table view'. These figures are also divided on  companies per field in the 'Company' -> 'Page view'.

Investments for field

  • The historical and future expected investments is now available from the 'Field' ->  'Page view' and in 'Table view'

Main supply base for field

  • This is now included both on 'Page View' and in 'Table view' -> 'Overview'.


  • Descriptions have been included for discoveries in categories 'Decided by the licencees' and 'Planning phase'. This is available both in 'Page view' and in 'Table view. 

Business Arrangement Area (BAA) available by companies

  • From 'Company' -> 'Page view' it is now possible to see which BAA the companies are currently involved in.

Stratigraphy – subgroups

  • A new level of lithostratigraphy has been added – 'Subgroups'. This level is between 'Groups' and 'Formations'. It is available in 'Stratigraphy' -> 'Page view' – 'Lithostratigraphy'.

Casing and leak-off tests

  • Test type is added as an attribute on the 'Casing and lead of test'. This is available both in 'Wellbore' -> 'Page view' and 'Table view'.


Changes/deletions to Table View


The following table shows which information has been deleted or changed in 'Table view'.

New attributes in existing menu entries or new menu entries are not listed.


'Wellbore' ->
'Table view' -> 'Shallow'

Replaced by 'Wellbore' ->
'Table view' ->

'Company' ->
'Table view' ->

'cmpGroup' attribute deleted.

'Stratigraphy' ->
'Table view' ->

Tag 'IsuWellboreUpdatedDate' is changed to 'lsuWellboreUpdatedDate'

(tag shall start with a lower case 'L' not an uppercase 'I').

'Wellbore' ->
'Table view' ->
'With' ->
'Drill stem tests'

Tag changed from 'wlbNPDID_wellbore' to  'wlbNPDIDwellbore'.

'Seismic' has been changed to 'Survey' 

When using the feature for exporting from the report server, note that part of the URL has been changed to accommodate this change.

IP address is mandatory

When exporting directly from the report server the parameter 'IpAddress' is now mandatory.

We appeal to those using this option to use your own IP address as the NPD uses it for logging purposes.

Updated: 20/03/2019