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23/01/2015 The new FactMaps has been available since June 2014. Here is an update on future development of the FactMaps and related map services.


Since June 2014 the NPD FactMaps has been available in two editions, a standard (HTML5) and an advanced (Silverlight). The NPD FactPages link to the standard edition, which is also used in the NPD and the MPE's app OilFacts. The standard edition can be used on all digital platforms. For those who wish more functionality, we have recommended the advanced edition, which is best suited to desktop use.

The provider of Geocortex Essentials, the FactMaps publishing software, now unfortunately report that the Silverlight edition for several reasons will not be developed further. Also, Google has announced that support for applications using Silverlight in Chrome will end 2015. Luckily these changes mean that there will be a greater focus on developing functionality in HTML5 edition.

The NPD has no immediate plans to remove the advanced edition of FactMaps, which will still function in browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox, so this is meant as an early warning about the planned changes. If you are a user of our advanced FactMaps edition we welcome your feedback on which advanced functions that should be focused on in the future development of the standard edition.

Factmaps services

It is possible to integrate the FactMaps content in your own mapping tools by using one of our published Factmaps services. The FactMaps itself uses ESRI Map Services available on

We have also launched the FactMaps content through beta versions of WebMapService (WMS) and WebFeatureService (WFS) services. The URL for the beta WMS / WFS is

Decommission of old solutions

In a transitional period, we will operate the old FactMap and associated WMS service in parallel with the new solutions . If you or your organization use our WMS service available at we encourage you to test and deploy new solutions, as the old one will be decommissioned  medio 2015.

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