An 2016 upgrade of NPD's FactPages

04/04/2016 Based on internal requirements and external requests a new upgrade will be available 2nd of May 2016.

Factmaps integration

The most visible change is that a map feature is now embedded in the FactPages. This feature is implemented via a service provided by the NPD's Factmap.


The title text in the browser now indicates which part of the Factpages you are running. i.e. 'Licence – Factpages – Norwegian Petroleum Directorate' , 'Wellbore – Factpages – Norwegian Petroleum Directorate'.

Changes to Page view

Menu item


TUF/ Page view /Pipeline

New information called 'Pipeline' has been added. This data has previously only been available as a geographical dataset. 'All' lists all the pipelines. Ordered by 'Map label' groups the pipeline alphabetically by its label on a map. Ordered by 'Belongs To' groups the pipeline by the field or the TUF that the pipeline is connected to.

Licence/ Page view / menu

Two new filters 'Initial phase' and 'Production phase' have been added.

Licence / Page view / All

Under General Information, a new attribute has been added. 'Stratigraphical' indicates whether the licence has no stratigraphical limitations (NO) or has some limitations (YES OR PARTLY).

Field >/ Page view / All

Under General information the attribute 'Main area' has been added – stating whether the field is located in the North sea, Norwegian sea or Barents sea.

Field / Page view /  All

Under Description the 'Date updated' attribute has been added. This attribute gives the date when any of the information found under Description was updated.

Company / page view /

9 attributes containing information about resources for a given company have been deleted because the information was misleading. The 5 attributes that still remain show remaining reserves of oil, gas, NGL, condensate and oil equivalents.

Discovery /

For discoveries not included in existing fields, a new attribute 'Recoverable oil equivalents' has been added to 'The NPD resource estimates (Norwegian share)'.


Changes to table view

To ensure backward compatibility when downloading table views, using XML and CSV format, as few as possible Tags have been changed or removed in the existing table views. However a few columns had to be removed because of errors or for business reasons. See a complete overview of these changes in the overview given below.

Complete overview of changes in table view (PDF)

Updated: 20/03/2019