Mini upgrade of FactPages – autumn 2016

24/11/2016 A few additions are done in the upgrade deployed today. However, there are no changes breaking backwards compatibility on the existing table-views downloading data in CSV or XML.

Menu item

Table view/
An overview of which exploration licences (Undersøkelsestillatelser) or production licences (Utvinningstillatesler) the surveys has been acquired in.
Page view
The attribute ‘Current activity status’ has been set according to the update of NPDs resource classification system. Link
Table view and Page view
The term ‘Production net’, has been changed to ‘Production, saleable’. This is to reflect what is saleable products from the different fields. In addition ‘Production, sum wellbores’ are given – these figures are total production accumulated up from all wellbores within a field.

Updated: 20/03/2019