News on NPDs FactMaps

24/10/2016 A new version of our FactMaps standard viewer, version 2.1, has been available through our FactPages since May.

The standard viewer (HTML) is now also available from our webpage and for built-in display in other applications.

The new editions is made with Geocortex Essentials 4.3 based on data from ArcGIS Server 10.3 services, delivered through 2.4 HTML5 and Silverlight viewers. The upgrade will fix known bugs in today’s FactMaps Standard (HTML5) edition.

The content and map layer order will be the same.

As part of the planned phase-out of the Silverlight viewer, more functionality is available through the HTML5 viewer. If you are a user of our FactMaps Advanced edition we welcome your feedback on which advanced functions should have focus in future development of the Standard edition.

The FactMaps content is also offered as following map services: ArcGIS REST API Map Service, Web Map Service (WMS) og Web Feature Service (WFS) according to ISO 19128:2005 (OGC:WMS). For more information, see

There are no changes in the map services, these are still version 2_0.

Updated: 20/03/2019