Information about launch of new

11/03/2019 Launch of new and and how this temporarily affects the FactPages and FactMaps.

In connection with the upgrade of the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate's website, FactPages and FactMaps may be partially inoperative on Thursday, 14 March. The website will have a new, modern look and a secure address:

Some links on FactPages and FactMaps will be changed.

This applies to downloadable geographical data sets for Filgeodatabase, Shape- and CSV-files. This applies to all of the links in this overview, except the three first which are links to services.

The structure will be changed from:

For example, the address for downloading Shape files for wellbore points will be changed from:

Links to images and documents that are available from FactPages will also change. This relates to field images, core images for wells, and also well-related documents for geochemistry, the NPD's publications, production licences and older WDSS reports, from:

We are also working to develop a new version of FactPages and FactMaps. The plan is to launch these as beta versions. Continuous information will be provided regarding this. The beta version and the current version will be produced in parallel for a period of three months so that users, particularly those who use the services and download data, can adapt to the new version.

Updated: 20/03/2019