FactPages and FactMaps – old versions are removed

02/10/2019 3rd of October the old versions of FactPages and FactMaps will be replaced with the new versions launched 6th of June 2019. In connection with this, work will be ongoing so that both new and old pages can be inaccessible parts of the day.

Referring to information given 6th of June 2019 which was sent to everyone who has subscribed to NPDs news "FactPages and FactMaps  technical information".

The old version will be removed, and the new version will be available at https://factpages.npd.no.

The old factmap will be removed and the new version will be available at https://factmaps.npd.no.

Some of the old services on http://gis.npd.no/arcgis/rest/services will still be available for a period but will be removed without further notice. We do recommend that you switch to the new services as soon as possible.

Updated: 13/04/2021