The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate grants access to quality-assured geochemical database for the North Sea


Tobias Pfeifer and Hans Stokka works with FactPages and FactMaps at the NPD.

13/04/2021 Several different types of geochemical data are collected when wells are drilled. The NPD is now granting access to a quality-assured database for geochemical data from exploration wells in the North Sea.

Among other things, this database contains vitrinite reflectance data, RockEval, isotopes and chromatography.

The database is based on released data reported in DISKOS, and it will be regularly updated when new wells are released.

Better understanding

Access to a quality-assured database will give all players on the Norwegian shelf a good foundation for conducting geochemical evaluations as a basis for a better understanding of the petroleum systems.

The database is available via the NPD’s factpages.

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Updated: 04/05/2021