Upgrade of FactPages and FactMaps

11/01/2021 January 19th, a new version of the FactPages will be realeased. This version is customized both for PC, tablet and mobile phone. At the same time, upgrades are being made to the FactMaps. The solutions will be taken down January 19th at 9 and will be down for a few hours.


A redesign of the FactPages has been made based on the requirement from the Norwegian Digitalisation Agency that all public websites must be universally designed by 1.1.2021. The goal is for the website to be able to function better for people with disabilities.

The user interface has been upgraded to be responsive – this means that the website is optimally displayed on all screen sizes. The website now works on PC, mobile and tablet. All functionalities should work as before – both links that go directly to the application and links that go to services behind the application.

Table view

No changes have been made to the table view reports. For those who retrieve data on regularly basis, we recommend using table view in either CSV or XML format – and using the "Tags" described under "Attributes" for each information types (Wellbore, Field, Finds, etc.). For many of the information types, there is also a Rest API for direct use from applications.

A new table view has been created for cuttings. This is available under "WELLBORE" / "Table view" / "With.." / "Cuttings".

Page view

On the page views, some minor adjustments have been made to the content to satisfy the requirement for universal design. Pageviews are not intended for downloading data, but for interactive lookups through the application and possibly production of PDF for printing.


Fact charts and services are upgraded to get updated software versions that include security updates and bug fixes from the vendor. There is currently no new functionality on the factmap.

Please send comments or report errors to factweb@npd.no

Updated: 11/01/2021