The shelf in 2003 - 18th Licensing Round Announcement

09/09/2004 Unexplored areas of the Norwegian Continental Shelf are still considered to hold major undiscovered hydrocarbon resources, with significant discoveries yet to be encountered. The 18th Licensing Round shall contribute to a long-term developmental course for the petroleum industry, as well as to revitalize exploration efforts on the shelf.

With the 18th Licensing round, 95 blocks or parts of blocks are being announced. MapThis comprises a very significant acreage compared to later years` numbered Licensing Rounds in Norway. Blocks in the North Sea as well as in the Norwegian Sea with various kinds of challenges are being announced.

Application deadline is set to 15th of March 2004, and awards are scheduled to second quarter of 2004.

Relevant link: MPE press release 131/03

Guide to application for the 18th Licensing Round(MS Word 0,02 MB)
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Table1: applied blocks (MS Excel 0,02 MB)
Table 2: block summary (MS Excel 0,05 MB)
Table 3: prospect info (MS Excel 0,04 MB)
Table 4-5: technical and economical evaluation (MS Excel 0,2 MB)

[Note: Tables 1-5 updated 5.1.2004]

Contact person in the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate: Hans Ivar Sjulstad Telephone: +47 51876189

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