The shelf 2003 - Discoveries

14/01/2004 Eleven new discoveries have been made on the Norwegian shelf in 2003, seven in the North Sea and four in the Norwegian Sea.

Most of the new discoveries in the North Sea were made in the area around Heimdal and Balder. Marathon made two new discoveries west of the Heimdal field. Well 25/4-7 proved oil, while well 24/6-4 proved both oil and gas. Both discoveries were made in rocks of the Tertiary age and the plan is to develop them in the near future. Norsk Hydro proved oil in well 25/4-9 S immediately north of the Heimdal field, also in rocks of the Tertiary age. There are plans to develop this discovery.

Esso made two new oil discoveries north of the Balder field, near the Ringhorne structure. Well 25/8-C-20 proved oil in Tertiary rocks, while well 25/8-14 S proved oil in rocks of the Jurassic age.
The first discovery will be quickly phased in towards Ringhorne, which is part of the Balder development. South of the Balder field, in well 16/1-6 S, Statoil made a small gas discovery in rocks of the Tertiary age. In addition, this well also proved oil at a shallower level that has not been explored very much.

Statoil proved oil in well 34/10-45 B, west of the Gullfaks field. The discovery represents additional resources for Gullfaks and will be put into production immediately.

Farther south in the North Sea three positive appraisal wells were drilled. Pertra drilled appraisal well 15/12-13 on the Varg south discovery to delimit this discovery and also proved additional resources for the Varg field in appraisal well 15/12-14. ConocoPhillips delimited a previous discovery (Tommeliten Alpha) in Cretaceous rocks in well 1/9-7 west of the Ekofisk field. The well provided new and important information on this discovery, which was proven as early as in 1977 in well 1/9-1.

Two new discoveries were made in the deep-sea area of the Norwegian Sea. Esso proved gas in well 6706//6-1 in rocks of the Tertiary age on the Naglfar dome in an area that has not been explored very much.

The result of the drilling showed that there are still a number of issues that have not been clarified with regard to the understanding of the geological development in this part of the Norwegian shelf, and where further exploration will be important with a view towards clarifying the petroleum potential.

Statoil proved oil in well 6405/7-1 north of the Ormen Lange discovery, on the Grip anticline. There is still uncertainty about how large this discovery is due to the reservoir quality.

Two other new discoveries have also been made in the Norwegian Sea. Norsk Agip proved gas/condensate in well 6406/2-2 on the Sklinna anticline immediately west of the Kristin field. The discovery was made in rocks of the Cretaceous age and is considered to be interesting, but more wells will be needed to finally confirm the size of the discovery. Statoil proved a small oil discovery in well 6608/10-9 north-east of the Norne field, on the Dønna Terrace.


Updated: 04/09/2009