The shelf in 2003 - New players

14/01/2004 In the course of 2003 nine companies were prequalified as operators or licensees on the Norwegian shelf.

Paladin (UK)
Approved as an operator in February 2003

Paladin was listed on the London Stock Exchange in 1994. Since then the company has become an active and independent oil company with activities in Norway, Denmark, the UK, USA, Tunisia, Indonesia and Romania. The company is active on the buyer side in the UK and Norway in relation to license participation where this coincides with the company's strategy for extended lifetime and improved recovery from fields in operation.

Mærsk Olie og Gas (Denmark)
Approved as an operator in April 2003

Mærsk Olie og Gas AS was established in 1962 as a private Danish company in the A P Møller Group. Mærsk presents itself as a major independent oil company.

OER oil (Norway)
Approved as a licensee in May 2003

OER was established in 1983 by companies in the Thyssen Group. In 1989 OER was taken over by private individuals and the company was run as a consultancy company. At the general meeting on 11 June 2001 it was decided to further develop the company into a new oil company on the Norwegian shelf.
OER's short-term goal is to become a licensee on the Norwegian shelf by purchasing interests. The company's long-term goal is to become an operator on the Norwegian shelf and gradually expand internationally.

Talisman Energy (Canada)
Approved as an operator in June 2003

Talisman was established in 1992 when BP Canada was sold. The company focuses on production and its core activities are gas production in Canada and oil production with low unit costs (high netback) in the North Sea (UK). The company bought up Bow Valley (UK) in 1994 and has grown since then by regularly buying fields, and today operates 13 installations on the British shelf.
The company's strategy on the British shelf is to focus on areas with discoveries and fields and buy up licenses that do not have materiality for the major companies. They further develop the fields, increase the recovery rate and extend the lifetime by further drilling, use of technology and streamlining and economizing operations.
In Norway, Talisman primarily focuses on oil.

Anadarko (USA)
Approved as an operator in June 2003

The company was established in 1959 as a subsidiary of Panhandle Eastern Corporation and was operated as a gas production company. In 1986 the company was split out as a separate corporation under the name Anadarko Petroleum. The company grew by increasing its reserve base year by year and considers itself an exploration company that grows through organic growth.
Today the company is one of the world's largest independent companies with a production of about 500 000 barrels/d. The company's base and largest production is in the USA where they have activities on land in Texas, Louisiana and the Midwest and offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. In addition, they have production in western parts of Canada and in Alaska (partner). Outside the USA their most important production countrty is Algeria with about 15% of total production. They also have activities in Oman, Egypt, Tunisia, Australia, West Africa (Gabon and Congo), the Black Sea (Georgia) and the Faroe Islands.

Ruhrgas (Germany)
Approved as a licensee in September 2003

Ruhrgas AG has a 75-year history of being a gas supplier. The company operates a large gas distribution network in Germany and owns 11,000 km of gas pipelines, 12 underground gas storage facilities and 26 compressor stations. Ruhrgas AG buys gas from producers in Norway, Russia, the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany. Ruhrgas AG is owned 100% by the energy company E.ON.
Ruhrgas UK has been a partner on the UK continental shelf since 1992 and has ownership interests in the Elgin Franklin, Glenelg, Scoter and Merganser fields, among others, and some adjacent exploration licenses.

Revus Energy (Norway)
Approved as a licensee in September 2003

The company is a newcomer in the Norwegian petroleum industry. It was started by two former leaders in Enterprise Oil Norway and a geologist and a geophysicist with experience from the consultancy industry. These four persons form the core of Revus and have long experience from petroleum-related activities.
Revus wants to be a Norwegian-based independent upstream company that first and foremost employs its core competence within subsea understanding and development.

BG Group (UK)
Approved as an operator in October 2003

The company was established in 1997 when British Gas was split into Centrica and BG plc. In 2000 Lattice was split out from BG plc and the BG Group was established.
The BG Group has operations world-wide in 20 countries. The company's core activities are in the UK, the southern part of South America, Kazakhstan, Egypt, India and Trinidad ?Tobago. In these countries they have operator tasks. The BG Group's main focus is on gas and the LNG segment is becoming increasingly important. The company's petroleum resources are made up of 70% gas and 30% oil.

Gaz de France (France)
Approved as an operator in October 2003

The core activities of the company are purchase/sale, storage and distribution of natural gas. Gas sales in 2002 were 54 billion m3, while gas reserves amounted to 55 billion m3. GdF owns and operates a gas distribution network of about 189,000 km, and has operated 14 underground gas storage facilities in France since 1956 with a total storage capacity of 9.4 billion m3.
In 1997 GdF decided to start exploration and production activities (E&P) to build up their own gas resource base. The company's goal is for its own production to be about 15% of total gas sales. In 2003 their own production amounted to about 10%.


Updated: 04/09/2009