New measuring method for oil introduced

01/11/2007 EU has introduced a new directive for measuring instruments. The new directive will be important  for measurement of fluids in the petroleum industry.

All petroleum produced and exported from the Norwegian continental shelf is measured in connection with purchase, sales and the calculation of charges and taxes. The NPD audits the accuracy of the measurements.

The EU directive (Directive 2004/22/EC of the European parliament and of the council of 31 March 2005 on measuring instruments – MID) relating to measuring instruments is the reason why the Norwegian measuring regulations are being amended. The amendment became effective as of 30 October 2006.

The purpose of the regulation amendment is to ensure a free flow of merchandise and services by harmonizing the requirements across the EU as regards measuring instruments within several fields. Water, electricity and heat meters are, inter alia, included in this regulation. The same applies to automatic scales.

"For the petroleum industry, the amendment means that suppliers get an additional quality assurance requirement relating to metering instruments", says  Steinar Fosse, Principal Engineer, NPD.

Taxes, charges and direct ownership provide the government with a large portion of the values created by the petroleum activities. In 2005 the government's income from the petroleum activities amounted to approx. 300 billion NOK, and  the sector contributed 25 per cent of the total value creation in Norway.

"The MID imposes new quality assurance requirements on the suppliers. Design and construction of fluid metering stations are covered by the directive, while gas metering stations are exempt. The suppliers must establish the new system in cooperation with the Norwegian Metrology Service, which is the national inspection body", says Fosse. 

The NPD would like to inform about the practical aspects of the regulation amendment, and contribute towards a common understanding of how the directive on measuring instruments will function within the NPD's area of responsibility. To this end, we are arranging an information meeting at the NPD on 3 November 2006.

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Eldbjørg Vaage Melberg
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Updated: 04/09/2009