The Shelf in 2005 - External environment

12/01/2006 During 2005 the NPD contributed to a series of different projects concerning external environment.

The NPD has worked to address the challenges between various commercial interests from the petroleum activities, fisheries and shipping, and the consequences in relation to the external environment.  The NPD has participated in the work to draw up a comprehensive management plan for the Barents Sea and the area outside Lofoten, and has provided input to the various studies that will make up the management plan.  The Directorate has also taken part in a professional group which compared the basic studies.  The NPD also participated in a Directorate group which presented a report on handling the risk of acute oil pollution in the area.

The NPD has participated in the cooperation to achieve the goal of zero discharges to sea.  Cost-effectiveness and the resource consequences of the environmental measures have been the primary focus areas for the NPD.  Significant activity is underway to implement zero discharge measures on the Shelf.

The NPD has led the work to study potential measures to reduce NOx on the shelf.  OLF and five operating companies also took part in this work.  In order to meet our obligations under the Gothenburg protocol, Norway must reduce annual emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) by 45,000 tonnes by 2010.  A new report attempts to clarify which NOx-reducing measures are technically feasible for the facilities on the Norwegian continental shelf, along with the costs and challenges associated with these measures.

The NPD has participated in a Directorate group that has examined the technical potential for reducing emissions/discharges offshore, in shipping and land-based industry.  A report was delivered to a Ministry group led by the Ministry of the Environment.

On behalf of the MPE, the NPD prepares an annual Environment brochure containing facts and a thematic section which this year will deal with petroleum activity in the Barents Sea, with particular emphasis on the stringent environmental requirements imposed on activities in the north.

The NPD draws up annual emission/discharge forecasts for the petroleum activities which are published early in the year.

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