First oil from Enoch

01/06/2007 On 31 May, production commenced from Enoch, a border field in the North Sea.  This is the first field to be developed after the framework agreement regarding cross-border petroleum cooperation was signed by the British and Norwegian authorities in 2005.



The Enoch field is situated on the border between the Norwegian and British continental shelves, with approx. 80 per cent on the British side and 20 per cent on the Norwegian side.

Eva Halland, director responsible for cross-border fields in the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD), notes that the cooperation between the authorities in connection with the Enoch development has gone very well.

"We hope that the Enoch agreement will become a model for subsequent developments," she said. 

When the large cross-border fields Frigg, Statfjord and Murchinson in the North Sea were developed, separate agreements were signed between the British and Norwegian authorities for each field.  Since the cross-border fields of the future will be smaller than these three, the authorities in the two countries in 2005 agreed to enter into a framework agreement.  The objective of the framework agreement is to contribute towards efficient developments and ensure that the framework conditions in the two respective nations do not present an obstacle to development of fields that are located on both the Norwegian and British sides of the border.

The Enoch field was proven in 1985 and is developed with one horizontal well drilled from a template connected to the Brae A platform 16 km north-west of Enoch.  Talisman is the operator.  Expected production is 12,000-14,000 barrels of oil and 550,000-600,000 standard cubic metres of gas per day.  The oil will be treated on Brae A and exported through the Forties pipeline system to the United Kingdom.

The ownership structure in Enoch is as follows:  Talisman North Sea Ltd. (24 per cent), Talisman LNS Ltd. (1.2 per cent), Dyas UK Ltd. (14 per cent), Bow Valley Petroleum (UK) Ltd. (12 per cent), ROC Oil (GB) Ltd. (12 per cent), Dana Petroleum (E&P) Ltd. (8.8 per cent), Endeavour Energy (UK) Ltd. (8 per cent), Statoil ASA (11.78 per cent), Altinex Oil AS (4.36 per cent), Det Norske Oljeselskap AS (2 per cent) and Dong Norge AS (1.86 per cent).

Contact in the NPD:
Eldbjørg Vaage Melberg, tel. +47 51 87 61 00.


Updated: 14/12/2009