Geologist to lead the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate

27/06/2007 With Bente Nyland the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) will have a geologist as its leader.  For a number of years, Nyland has been responsible for undiscovered resources, exploration of new areas, new players on the Norwegian shelf and the work on licensing rounds.

Nyland has now taken over the position of acting director general of the NPD.  Upon obtaining her degree as a geologist from the University in Oslo in 1984, Bente Nyland took a job with Statoil where she worked on exploration for five years.  She started work for the NPD in 1989, and received her first management position in the Directorate as early as 1993.  When the NPD underwent a significant organisational change in 2001, she became one of four senior managers in the organisation.  The NPD was split into two parts in 2002:  the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate and the Petroleum Safety Authority.  Nyland continued in Gunnar Berge's eight-person management group in the NPD.

Popular replacement
Nyland's face is well-known within exploration circles in the petroleum industry, both in Norway and internationally.  Among other things, she currently sits on the government-appointed Expert Commission for the Northern Areas.

The news that Bente Nyland would be the acting leader of the NPD was well-received by the employees.  Nyland herself approaches the task with great enthusiasm.

"The NPD is an organisation with capable staff and important tasks for the society.  Our work will continue as before.  The NPD is continuously working to adapt to changes in the industry.  Because we have a flexible and team-based organisation, we are accustomed to handling changes - although it is ten years since we last changed our director general," she says.

Surprising departure
 "Gunnar Berge's departure came as a surprise to us all - myself included.  I came to work to discuss relevant issues with Gunnar Berge on Tuesday morning, and in just a couple of hours I was acting in his position."  Nyland emphasises that there is much work to be done and many pieces that must fall into place when Berge leaves.

 "Among other things, the management group must be reinforced as a consequence of this change," says Nyland. 

Contact in the NPD:
Eldbjørg Vaage Melberg, tel. +47 51 87 61 00


Updated: 04/09/2009