Haga opened seminar on challenges on producing fields

02/11/2007 On Thursday, 1 November, Minister of Petroleum and Energy Åslaug Haga opened the industry seminar "Challenges on producing fields" in Oslo.

Increased costs, delayed wells, less injection and lower than expected production are key challenges on the Norwegian continental shelf. At the same time, the goal of increasing oil production by 800 million standard cubic metres from 2005 to 2015 remains firm.

"The most important thing I can do is contribute to managing the resources in a long-term perspective and move ahead step-by-step. Tremendous progress has been made. On the Ekofisk field the recovery rate has increased from 17 to 50 per cent," said Minister of Petroleum and Energy Åslaug Haga in her introduction.

"This illustrates much of the excellent development, but a large portion of the resources are still not recovered. As national authorities, our objective is to increase resource exploitation and extract the very last commercial drop.

There are two main areas of emphasis in mature areas:
We must extract as much oil and gas as possible from the fields, and we must maintain a stabile level of exploration," said Haga.

The performance indicator analysis for fields (PIAF) is a method developed by the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate to help measure and compare how the fields on the Norwegian continental shelf are producing. It is also a method for identifying fields with challenges so that necessary measures can be implemented.

"PIAF is a method that allows us to measure and compare how well you are doing. This is a good starting point for the dialogue with the industry," said Haga, who reminded the participants that, through the invitation to nominate blocks for the 20th licensing round, the authorities are now paving the way for increased exploration activity on the Norwegian continental shelf.


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