NPD receives positive feedback in user survey

23/08/2007 Statskonsult has, on assignment from the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD), conducted a survey to find out what important players in the NPD's sphere actually think about the NPD.

One of the intentions of the survey was to gather knowledge to help further develop the strategy of the NPD, and products and service(s) it provides.  The surveys are to provide information that expands and corrects the NPD's own evaluations and provide input in relation to opportunities and level of ambition.

The survey was conducted by means of qualitative interviews of important representatives in the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, certain selected government agencies, representatives of licensees, operating companies and the supplier industry, environmental organisations, fishery organisations and research and development communities.  A total of 30 interviews were conducted, divided between 17 interview visits, seven telephone interviews and six focus groups.

The surveys addressed the following topics:  knowledge of and relationship to the NPD, the NPD's role and strategy, services, products and expertise, cooperation and interaction, communication and dissemination of information, service and reputation, challenges and improvement items.

The feedback has generally been very positive.  Most players see the NPD as a credible supplier of facts, most have confidence in the NPD, they emphasise the NPD's expertise on the petroleum resources.  Nearly everyone feels that the NPD has a good reputation in the society at large, while at the same time, most players do not think that the NPD is particularly well-known.

As regards factors where there is room for improvement, several players would like to have more analysis of the data the NPD collects from the oil and gas activities, a number of players want more communication of factual information and some feel that the NPD could have a greater presence in the license meetings with the licensees.

Contact in the NPD:
Eldbjørg Vaage Melberg, tel. +47 51 87 61 00.


Updated: 04/09/2009