NPD receives positive mention in Norad report

05/06/2007 A comprehensive evaluation of Norwegian oil assistance gives positive mention to the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD).  The report also provides suggestions for improvements.

The intention of the Oil for Development program is to use Norwegian expertise to assist petroleum countries in finding solutions that give good resource management and democratic systems of government so that the petroleum deposits have the greatest benefit for the entire population.

The Oil for Development program project was started in 2005, while Norway has worked on petroleum-related assistance for a number of years.  The NPD has been a key player in this effort.  This work has recently been evaluated by the Danish Energy Authority (Energistyrelsen) and the consulting firm Copenhagen DC, on assignment from Norad, which leads The Oil for Development program.

"The intention of the report is to capture lessons learned in relation to new projects.  Projects in four different countries have been studied, specifically East Timor, Mozambique, Angola and Bangladesh," says Øystein Kristiansen, who coordinates The Oil for Development program in the NPD. 

The summary of the report ”Evaluation of the Norwegian Petroleum-Related Assistance” contains the following statement:

”The evaluation concludes that the Norwegian petroleum-related assistance has made proper use of the Norwegian petroleum sector knowledge.  This has implied that the support to all of the four countries has been successful on petrotechnical capacity building issues."  According to the report, there has been less focus on other relevant topics, such as downstream activity, financial management, health, safety and environment (HSE) and, in particular, the external environment.

"We have achieved best success in those countries where we participated at an early stage, i.e. before the petroleum legislation is in place and power structures are established.  This has largely been the case on East Timor and in Mozambique.  In these countries, the assistance work has been long-term and flexible in nature, with a significant content of technical expertise," says Kristiansen.

He points out that it is important to ensure that the projects receive full support at a high political level in the receiving countries, as well as to strengthen regional measures. The Oil for Development program requires good coordination with other parallel projects and in relation to measures implemented by other assistance organisations.  In the project work, more work on supporting organisational development processes and training on all levels will be necessary.

In the years to come, the NPD will continue its work to implement The Oil for Development program while simultaneously coordinating efforts in relation to projects run by the Norwegian Pollution Control Authority and the Ministry of Finance.  The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy will probably also take on greater responsibility in certain projects.

The NPD will continue to cultivate close cooperation with the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway and the Petrad foundation in this work.

The full report can be found here.

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