New study of pressure development around Troll

13/09/2007 A study initiated by the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) shows that production on the Troll field has consequences for the areas surrounding the field.

Last year, the NPD asked the operators to conduct a study to examine the consequences that production of oil and gas from Troll has on nearby fields, discoveries and prospects.  The licensees are looking into the possibility of increasing the gas production.  If the gas production takes place too fast in relation to the oil production, the drop in pressure will have consequences for production of oil from the field and oil and gas in nearby areas. 

Hydro and Statoil have now conducted a joint study showing the effects of production on pressure development in the area.  The study is mainly based on a rough regional reservoir simulation model.

The result shows that production on Troll has a significant effect on pressure development in the area from Gjøa in the north-east to Brage in the south-west (the Sognefjord delta). The effect is greatest near Troll.

In the study, pressure maintenance on Troll in the form of water and/or gas injection shows a positive effect also in the surrounding areas.

The pressure decline has been measurable ever since production started on Troll; however, the greatest decline will take place from now and into the future.  Production of the deposits in the area is therefore time-critical, and exploration activity must be increased.

The NPD is of the opinion that the significant resources in the Troll field must be managed so as to provide the maximum benefit for the Norwegian society. Troll contains about 10 per cent of all the oil and gas on the Norwegian shelf.  It is estimated that one-half (900 million standard cubic meters) of the oil production over the next 20 years will come from ten fields.  Troll is one of them.

It is therefore important that the industry relates to the information in this study so that sufficient resources are utilized to prove and recover the resources in the area. This will be decisive in reaching the authorities' goal of developing five billion barrels of new reserves by 2015.

Regional study of Troll water zone (pdf)



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